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“Welcome to the Van der Werf Clematis Nursery website.”

We specialise in cultivating Clematis varieties on be half of third parti es, using the most up-to-date techniques for propagating Clematis trom cuttings and growing in containers. From rooted seedlings to the finished product, we grow it all ourselves, and quality is our priority throughout.
Every year we propagate 1 to 1.5 million Clematis seedlings of 30 different varieties in our 3,000m2 green house.
We have a 3,000m2 container field where various Clematis varieties are grown in 1 litre containers. A bamboo cane is inserted into each container, up which the Clematis aften grow between 45 and 60cm tall. lf you wish, we can also supply different sized containers and cane heights. We deliver our Clematis in crates, CC trolleys or pallets, to suit the customer’s preferences. lt is also possible to ticket them either with our own labels or our customer’s labels.
Please do have a look around our website to find out more about our company and to see the range we carry. lf you have any questions or comments we would of course be delighted to hear them !
lf you would like to see the si eek, professional way we work and our beautiful Clematis for yourself, please feel free to contact us, as you are absolutely welcome to visit our nursery.

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AboutThe family line

Willem and Michel van der Werf

Van der Werf Clematis Nursery opened in 1978.

At that time we cultivated all open ground plants such as box, conifers and a range of shrubs. Since 2008, we have concentrated exclusively on propagating and cultivating Clematis.

Willem van der Werf’s son, Michel van der Werf {1991), joined the current partnership in 2012, thereby safeguarding the company’s ongoing continuity.
We are keen to share our thoughts with you about the raad ahead.



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